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supernovaYou will find the Supernova slot game in any of the many casino sites that have the QuickSpin gaming platform on offer, and boy is this one highly playable slot game and one on which any one single spin you play off could result in some very large winning payouts. However, this slot is structured like no other slot and as such please do have a good read through of this review of this slot for you will need to have an idea of the way it is going to play out before you set its reels into play!

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About the Slot

Let us now explain in detail how this Supernova slot game has been designed as it can be a rather complicated slot to play when you first come across it! There are first and foremost five video reels which you will be sending into play per spin.

Spread over those winning pay lines there are 27 ways to win. However it is only the first three reels that have the standard reel symbols attached to them, you are tasked with getting three or more matching reel symbols on any of the first three reels, and at least one of the three or more reel symbols must land on a separate reel.

On the fourth and fifth reel are a set of blank reel symbols and also a large and varied range of multiplier reel symbols. The aim of playing this slot game is twofold, first and foremost you must form at least one of the 27 possible ways of forming a winning combination on the first three reels, and then on the fourth and fifth reels you will be hoping to spin in one or two of the multiplier reel symbols on the middle position on each of those two reels.

When you do form a winning combination on the first three reels a winning payout is awarded to you as per the pay table of this slot, however if you also spin in a multiplier value in the middle position on reels four and five then those multiplier values will be used to increase the winning payouts of you spun in winning combinations on the first three reels, and those multipliers can be huge valued ones!

Our Thoughts on this Slot

There are not that many slot games offered on the Quickspin gaming platform that we would describe as very high variance slot games, but the unique way that the two end reels on this Supernova slot game have been designed makes this slot a very high variance slot and one you will have to keep a level head when playing it, for whilst huge winning payouts are always possible you may experience many non paying spins on the trot when playing it!

If you do decide to give it a whirl, then set the stake levels low, as even when playing for tiny modest stake amounts the chance of spinning in some huge and very substantial winning payouts is always possible!

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